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Columbus's Second Voyage

He brought horses that were a mixture of Barb, Andalusian (noted for stamina) and the Spanish Jennet (noted for extremely smooth gait)

the paso fino horse - the natural choice

Our farm offers pleasure pasos, that walk, corto (gaited slow), and largo (fast gait that can keep up with a loping quarter horse.

People Oriented Paso Finos

We do not have the show ring paso, only pleasure horses for sale. They are willing and spirited, very gentle. Pasos have endurance, and are sure footed and athletic.

Paso Fino Horses For Sale

Machica EZ

 Palomino, 13.1 hands, dob: 4/13/15, Registered Palomino Paso Fino Mare#58928; Juan Juan granddaughter (Grand National Fino Ch); Capuchino GGdaughter; Started under Saddle; $5000.00

Lucinda EZ

Chestnut Paso Fino Mare, 14 hands, Juan Juan & Capuchino Bloodlines, under saddle, dob: 3/11/14.   Registration # 58250. Willing to please, goes thru water and anything you ask.  $5000.00

Miristica EZ

Chestnut Paso Fino Mare; 14 hands, double Juan Juan & Hilaches Bloodlines, under saddle; dob: 4/29/15.  Registration #58929. $4500.00

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Paso Fino Horses For Sale

Smoothest Gaited Horse in the World

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